Young Money: Trade School Vs. College | CNBC


  1. drpoetry1 drpoetry1

    Headed to job corps May 15th of this year(2017), & I HOPE I learn what I need to learn when I leave there so that I may make enough money to do my thing.

  2. John Smith John Smith

    I went to a trade school and spent 30,000$ for a one year tech program. while my wife went to nursing school for four years and spent the same amount.

  3. EmilyGreene1984 EmilyGreene1984

    I think its fair to critique trade schools because they aren't really the best institutions for a job. Either way, it should be up to a person if they want to go there or go to a college or university or, dare suggested, learn to do a profession on their own? Have we forgotten that one doesn't technically need a piece of paper and attendance record to prove one can work at a job competently? And let's be honest, most jobs in trade schools, unless you seek to be in those professions, are really not worth it other than for possible but not guaranteed monetary gain. A total waste of time and brain power.

  4. brandon nguyen brandon nguyen

    Lol or go to a community college and learn a vocational skill for a reasonable price

  5. dbz4586 dbz4586

    There is nothing wrong with going to a trade school. It is an amazing start. You have a decent wage and can get your own place. However I will be going to college after to help pay for it. Follow your dreams. I like watching these kinds of videos.

  6. Maddox Escamilla Maddox Escamilla

    do you make money going to a trade school

  7. William T William T

    Currently going to college, going to a trade school soon because screw debt

  8. Steve w Steve w

    its impossible to find a simple answer i dont know what the problem is. What are the best trade schools for electronics?

  9. Jared Jewell Jared Jewell

    Ummm I think they forgot about the house payment you graduate with

  10. chopsuey087 chopsuey087

    I graduated with two Associate Degrees in Industrial Electronics and Electrical Technology. Never had to take out student loans and I make 70k a year as an Electronics Controls Technician.

  11. Logical American Logical American

    I love how most of the trade school students were minorities, such a subtle message. Great job media.

  12. CAIN180 CAIN180

    American need to compete in the global market and with college getting more expensive by the year #BernieSanders2016 is the man that speaks for me


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