Writing Articles For The Web – Build Your Income Fast

If you enjoy writing, you can build a highly profitable home business just by writing articles for the Web. Although I’m a writer, I buy articles, and so do most other businesses which operate online.

Why are articles popular as Web content? Simply because the more content a Web site has, the more traffic the site gets. That traffic leads to sales. So in a nutshell: articles get traffic and traffic equals income for a Web site.

Even if you’re completely new to writing articles, you can build an income very quickly. So let’s look at how you can become an article writing dynamo by understanding the importance of keywords, and by developing a fast writing process, and finally by writing article packages.

If Content Is King, then Keywords Are the Knights of the Web Realm

Web articles start with keywords. Here’s a quick description of what a keyword is: keywords reference Web pages, they’re the words searchers type into search engines; they may be a single word, but are often two, three or even more words in combination.

For Web articles, keywords are vital. They bring traffic to a page. No matter how wonderful your article is, if it doesn’t contain the keywords which searchers use, no one will read your article.

When you’re writing articles for a client, the client usually gives you the keywords he wants you to use. If you’re writing article packages to sell, then you need to create a themed collection of keywords on which to base your articles. Luckily there are dozens of keyword tools online, to help you to build your collections.

One vital tip: please don’t over-use keywords. Forget “keyword density.” Write naturally.

How Fast Can You Write? the Faster You Write, the More Income You Will Make

As a Web article writer, your income depends on your writing speed. This means you need to develop your own process for writing quickly, but writing great articles too. You’ll speed up as you write. Let’s say that your first article takes you a couple of hours, within a week or two, you’ll be writing a 500 word article in half an hour or less.

Here’s how I write articles for maximum speed: I create titles and short six-line outlines for ten to 20 articles at a time. Often I’ll do this on a Sunday evening, as I watch a DVD. Or I’ll take my laptop into the garden.

I find that getting away from my office is important when I brainstorm, so I’m more relaxed. You may find you’re more creative when you write in a coffee shop or other location. Experiment.

Write Article Packages and Your Buyers Will Adore You

Many article writers haunt the out-sourcing sites, bidding on any article writing project which comes along. Unfortunately, since bidders on these sites strive to outdo each other in pricing low, your income suffers if you depend too much on these sites.

As soon as possible, promote yourself on your own Web site as a Web content seller, who provides custom-written articles.

Big tip: write article packages, and sell them on your own site. Just write ten to 20 articles on popular keywords like dieting, dating, or whatever, and sell them on your site. Buyers love instant delivery. Rather than waiting a week, they can get the articles they need at once.

Writing articles is a fantastic home business, if you enjoy writing. Within a few short months, you’ll find that you’re making more income than you could at any day job. Follow the tips I’ve given you for speedy success.

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