World class Education in Pakistan

Education is the most important thing for many countries because in many countries the literacy level is very low and the alarming situation for all over the world. In Pakistan the world class level is not available on large scale. This opportunity is available on university level for only rich person and this is not for every person because the every men is not reachable on this level. Education in Pakistan is controlled by the ministry of education of the government of Pakistan. In our country the government provide free education for children at the age of five year to sixteen years and stop the government reachable system on the level of matriculation. Pakistani system is compare to anther countries is not measurable large difference in both sides. Many students is going to anther countries for world class Education.
Some universities provided the world class level in Pakistan for good students and the many students reach these advantages for his career. Some good students who top in over course with good marks so the government give these students scholarships for next steps to go anther places. The world class level is necessary for Pakistan society and culture and civilization but the related mans are not think about it. Now we discuss the literacy rate in Pakistan and ratio of students in Schools University and college and also discuss the level of education in Pakistan. Education of Pakistan is divided in six levels. There ae six level of education in Pakistan
Primary education
These are six basic levels of education. Another thing is literacy rate, in Islamabad 96 percent literacy rate between 2000 and 2004.But the some related areas, and districts have no good ratio. The age difference in six basic levels of education in Pakistan first is primary education and the age is 2.5 to 5 years and the second level is primary and age is grades one to through five. Middle is the third basic level for our system and age is grades six through eight and the fourth level is high and grades is nine, ten leading to the ssc, Fifth level is intermediate and grades is elven and twelve leading to a higher secondary school certificate. Sixth and the most important level of education is university level and the grades are undergraduate and graduate degrees. We have a large scale of content on these six levels but this platform is not for detail. In Pakistan the ratio of mans in education is good but the ratio of females is not good and very bad situation for country. Expenses on study is not access able for everyone in our country and specially university level in very tough for students and this is main and basic reason the poor students are not interested in study on high level. Achievements on this stage is not good for Pakistani nation because our nation is not prefer to good and quality and world class level education so this is Maine reason we have not educate our nation and the government is not support to study and ministry of education.

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