Wishing My Darling Young Artist HaPpY BiRtHdAy….

Wishing My Darling Young Artist HaPpY BiRtHdAy....
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This Macro Shot is taken by my loving daughter Sonia... (Edit, crop etc is done by me )..

Today is Her Birthday, and this upload serves to Wish her A Very Happy and Wonderful Birthday and pleasant days beyond . May God bless her, and nourish her creative talents and May His Grace lead her and guide her in all' her endeavours.

She is my best critique and de facto quality controller(As when in doubt I usually call her and ask her opinion about which one better or whether to add colour or increase exp etc etc.and most of the time it turns out that I can't agree with her more.) She gives me good tips too..
She is turning 16 today and is currently appearing her first Public Exam ( Level X Board Exams). In between her busy study we join together to shoot(at home only ), review and discuss pictures, sometimes argue, and agree or disagree. IT is fun we both enjoy.. She is a good friend and company not just in Photography, but I miss her on my photo outings,as she is busy with studies..

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