Wildlife Parks and Sanctuaries Tours of Rajasthan

Globally famous for the heritage and culture beauty, Rajasthan is also globally famous for its exotic flora and fauna that is preserved by the national parks and sanctuaries of the state. Rajasthan is globally famous for its multi colored tourism options that appeals tourists from all the nook and corner of the world. Rajasthan beauty can hardly be described in world but is can be best experienced by making a tour to this beautiful state of India. Among the many tourism options, Rajasthan exotic wildlife parkas and sanctuaries also appeals wildlife lovers and adventure seekers to make Rajasthan wildlife tours.

Some of the major wildlife parks and sanctuaries of the state are:

Ranthambore National Park
Ranthambore National Park is well known national parks of Rajasthan. Well known for conserving tigers the parks is the best place to see the majestic cat family in their natural home. Come during the time of October to June and enjoy the jungle safari in this forest and catch the view of the majestic tigers taking guard of their kingdoms. Other major wildlife species that can be spotted in the renowned wildlife park of India are leopard, nilgai, wild boar, sambar, sloth bear, hyena and many other wildlife species. It is also the home of various colourful birds, reptiles and trees.

Sariska Tiger Reserve
Sariska is one of the most famous wildlife parks situated in the Alwar district of the India state of Rajasthan. It is preserved hunting ground for the erstwhile rulers but now it is the protected wildlife parks well known for conserving wildlife tigers. It is also the safe home of varied other wildlife species like leopard, jungle car, caracal, hyena, golden jackal, chital, sambar, Nil Gai, Chinkara, wild boar and many other wildlife species. It is also the safe home of the astonishing birds who twitters in their melodious voices all day and night.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Keoladeo Ghana National Parks is better known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary which is also the declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this bird sanctuary you will find varied species of birds flying here and there chirping in their melodious tone. You can see 380 resident species of birds as well as the some migratory birds that include Demoiselle, Common and the rare Siberian crane. It is also known as the Ornithologists paradise as most of the bird watchers and researchers from all over the world come here to watch and study the habit and habitat of the varied specie of birds.

Desert National Park
Desert National Park is an excellent example of the ecosystem of the Thar Desert and its diverse fauna. The craggy rocks and the compact salt lakes bottoms and the fixed dunes make suitable for Chinkara to move at higher speed. The great Indian Bustard which is an endangered species of Birds is also found quite in a good number in this park. Bengal Fox, Desert Fox, Desert Cat, Fox, etc are also the major wildlife species found in the Desert National Park of Rajasthan.

Beside the wildlife parks and sanctuaries of Rajasthan there are several other wildlife parks and sanctuaries scattered all over the cities and states of India. Wildlife tours in India are made delightful and memorable by the exotic flora and fauna that gives the opportunity for wildlife lovers to see varied wildlife species in their natural home. It will truly be a great and memorable experience to cherish the trip of wildlife in India throughout your lifetime.

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