Why Your Children Need a Classical Education

Someone who believes that an education system that was instituted over two thousand years ago can be thrown out within a single generation has ignored the fact that time is the best testing ground when it comes to understanding human behavior.

It just took 50 years for lawmakers and educators to dismantle a system of education that was developed and time-tested for over 2,000 years.

Classical education was first developed in ancient Greece and Rome. By the 16th century, it was used through the Western world.

This educational system produced some of the finest thinkers and leaders between the 10th and 19th centuries. Most of the Founding Fathers of America were educated with this system.

Can you think of any other time period where there was more progress in science, philosophy, art, and literature?

If any true meaning is achieved in learning, it must be done through more than just teaching facts. True learning is when the student develops reasoning abilities that allow the expression of ideas through clear persuasion and argument.

Classical education provides the best tools for developing a child’s mind. Truly no wonder that so many classical education schools are turning up all over the country.

Order and discipline, the arts, and rigorous academic standards are all hallmarks of classic education, which are fading away in other forms of education.

Education’s greatest responsibility is teaching students how to really learn. The model of “progressive” teaching and performance-based learning methods create difficulties for children when it comes to acquiring the mental control they would learn with traditional methods.

Concrete facts, language, and logic are the foundation skills for independent learning in classical education. It’s obvious what classical education can do for students when they’re able to apply their knowledge through clear expression, logic, and reason.

Classical education isn’t just about teaching concrete facts. It’s about giving children the life skills they need for daily life and for attaining a higher education.

Some of the skills children for adulthood include critical thinking, independent learning, logical reasoning, and a love of learning. This skills will always be important in an ever-changing world.

Discover the power of a Classical Education and join the Raise a Leader Revolution. You can finally afford to take control of your child’s future and launch your child into greatness. Join us in saving our nation one true leader at a time.

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