Why Oil Will Be The Best Investment in 2017

Why Oil Will Be The Best Investment in 2017
An Important Aspect in Investment is the Right Timing, Right Commodities & Right Business Opportunity. Falconaire has been Making Fortune with Oil Futures Trading. Question is Will YOU be Part of this Phenomenon? Since 2015, Falconaire Energy & Commodities, has been committed to our core philosophy of buying smart, managing costs, and improving returns. Based in Middle East & Asia Falconaire is an investment company built based on Trust with our clients providing them a Long-term investment plan through a safe, profitable and socially responsible manner. Opportunity is YOURS to grab this deal at PJ & KL to further understand the Mission & Commitent of our Company on WHY OIL WILL BE THE BEST INVSTMENT IN 2017? Exactly two years ago, crude oil started its historic collapse of almost 75%, a decline that was never seen before in history. Now that crude has stabilized, what is our crude oil price forecast for 2017? Before looking into that question, it is always interesting to go back in time and look at former price forecasts from the experts. Let’s first revisit what the pros predicted in 2014: Business Insider published an article with bullish crude oil price forecastsA Marketwatch blog post referred to higher crude oil price forecastsForbes predicted lower crude oil pricesAnother Forbes article forecasted a ceiling on crude oil pricesCNBC lowered crude oil price forecastsReuters also lowered forecasts for crude oil pricesWe really got a mixed picture back then, so it was hard for investors to choose a direction based on these articles. Now that is exactly the reason why we rely on charts. On any chart, supply and demand come together. Though fundamental analysis may be useful to get an understanding on dynamics within a market, charts are helpful in forecasting future price directions with a high degree of probability. A Crude Oil Price Forecast For 2017Examining crude oil’s chart is not easy, certainly not when trying to forecast its price. In general, the crude oil price is very volatile, and, hence, complex. In order to get an idea of future price direction, we have to identify chart patterns.

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