Why Most People Fail At Screenwriting by John Truby

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  1. PaquitoNYC PaquitoNYC

    Ew. Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew. This guy loves himself and wants to dissuade people from writing. Uninspiring. In fact, demoralizing. COMPLETE downer. "You have to be willing to put in the work." DUH. What worthy pursuit doesn't require commitment? "If you don't know what those techniques are, you have really no chance of working at that level…important for writers to … get the right KIND of training." I'm assuming that is from JOHN TRUBY. Oh, and he adds, writing is "the most complex craft in the world." Which makes him the most important teacher in the world, I'm gonna deduce.

  2. Hero of the Beach Hero of the Beach

    It's funny that he says people focus too much on trying to sell their scripts (which is probably true) when the whole video feels like a sales pitch for his book. All he's missing is the call to action.

  3. tcfreestyler123x tcfreestyler123x

    This guy looks at himself in the mirror while he faps off

  4. Jason T Jason T

    He has very negative energy. Not even a smile, he kinda looks fed up. I wouldn't want him doing a TED talk. There are sone people on here who would address the same issue in a more friendly and encouraging way and these are the ones you should listen to. Not this guy

  5. cwbellor cwbellor

    I hate to be mean – then again, this guy is such an absolutist/realist – he'd probably be indifferent to what I'm about to say. He talks about how "it gets harder." If you go to, you can see his filmography and there is a period of 2 DECADES where John Truby had no credits to his name. Of course it got harder for him! He wrote some eps of 21 Jump Street and then hit a plateau. I'm not saying he knows nothing. He obviously knows what he's talking about. But when it comes to a career in the industry, you can't regard what he says as absolute.

  6. BlackLookingGlass BlackLookingGlass

    Why do I have the deep urge to explode through the screen and plant a swift elbow between his eyebrows?

  7. Gabriel Veiga Gabriel Veiga

    What a dummy.

  8. joe johnson joe johnson

    Look this guy up, he didn't write shit

  9. Andrew Najera Andrew Najera

    This fucking guy hasn't written jack shit you google him and one movie pops up.
    I guess it's like they say those who can do and those who can't teach.

  10. Karl Beltran Karl Beltran

    "screen-writing is the most difficult craft in the world"… Wow… Just… Wow, I and a ton of people out there are having a fun time really wanting to study and practice screenwriting but I can't even stand a chance on having at least some level of motivation onto working with Thesis papers. A ton of people around the globe have had the worst time in their lives with working on their thesis, and some of these people have committed suicide or are about to. Screenwriting is fun, some might been stressed with working on such art, but still it is not the most difficult craft in the world.

  11. Aaron Bray Aaron Bray

    Lots of a negativity in the comments. I think what he is saying is, if this is something that is calling you, you better be sure to take the right path to get there. Because it is not easy. There are lots of nuances about it that make it different from most other arts. Different layers of intangible and tangible variables woven together that all have to interweave together at certain points of time. And, worse of all– It takes countless hours of getting it wrong before you ever get to the point where you get something right. And thats what makes it "hard" — the amount of fails before you get to success. Fortunately, the fact that its a "craft", should be a positive — no matter how hard it is. If you make sure you have the right guidance, any craft is something that can be learned.

  12. niguana22 niguana22

    so pretty much this guy is just better than everyone and everyone else knows nothing lol thats all I get from this video

  13. zoso2000 zoso2000

    Ahem. ''Goodwill Hunting?''…

  14. The Ancient Internet Troll The Ancient Internet Troll

    Bad, no, HORRIBLE scripts, make billions in Hollywood. Take this guy's opinion with a grain of salt . . .

  15. George Kuri O'Reilly George Kuri O'Reilly

    If this video discourages you then you shouldn't be a screenwriter.

  16. Lesley Smith Lesley Smith

    He only has three imdb credits and he teaches screenwriting?

  17. Ernest Walker Ernest Walker

    Is writing complex? Yes. But writing until you are "good enough" failed to account for all the bad scripts that became popular.

  18. Robert Kelly Robert Kelly

    I guess that why a lot of blockbuster suck.


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