Why most people are bad at mathematics – Neil deGrasse Tyson asks Richard Dawkins

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    • avatar Plat inum 0

      wrong people talking about math

      • avatar Andrew Keener 1

        Its difficult for our simple brains to pull logic from a very illogical reality.

        • avatar Alifiya Patel 0

          Non sense foolish

          • avatar Jason Krantz 1

            this was funny

            • avatar Liljefe 301 0

              If we taught logic before teaching math, a lot of people would get it more quickly.

              • avatar Ben Refoc 0

                people are bad at math because it is taught wrong.
                1. Students should be constantly tested, not counted as a grade, until they get it.
                2. The text book should explain how to do each problem, step by step.
                3. Elementary school should only focus on Reading and Math. Other courses saved for middle and high school. Just like learning a language, math is best learned at a younger age.

                • avatar Darkinin 0

                  We're only wired to be logical enough to not die in whatever ways were common for our ancient ancestors.

                  • avatar Felipe Soberanski 0

                    you practice math, you like math but you're still bad at it, and despite failing at it multiple times you never lose your love for it, is this person dumb?

                    • avatar s marie 0

                      Its the way math is taught in schools that is the problem. I hated math and wasn't good at it in school until after college when I was searching for easier ways to teach math to my daughter. I was blown away at how uncomplicated math actually is. In school they make it so damn frustrating. But it actually is quit easy. Look up Vedic math.

                      • avatar Matthew Grenier 0

                        Anyone else think that common core math is NOT for smart kids?

                        • avatar ulizinho 1

                          Minute 3:05. I remember that i did something similar. I showed my friends how a mouse trap works and said:"look, my fingers is the mouse and when the mouse goes into the trap, it…outch aaaaa booohoo aaa, Mama!!"