1. Stanley Odom Stanley Odom

    This is all a lie these test are hell when they come around and you have to study so much information that can set you up for failure

  2. OnionWoman _ OnionWoman _

    Ok so then why is Finland, Number 1 in education in the world, have no standardized tests…………

  3. bob thornton bob thornton

    Tests are the only god damned way to figure out who knows their shit and who doesn't!

    Life is a brain teaser; therefore so should be the tests!

    Not to mention, the brain teasers are far and few between. The vast majority of questions are usually undeniably valid ways to assess whether or not students have internalized the material.

    The only issue here is that the internet has given credence to the voices of masses of stupid people whose stupidity was revealed by some standardized test or another.


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