Why A Reference Is So Important

Anyone who has tried searching for a job in the past few years knows how hard the employment market is out there. In the not so distant past, there were a hoard of vacancies available for people who wanted to enter the working world. However, there was also plentiful money, too. All that changed, and so has the world of employment. The financial depression has enveloped almost all sectors, and it is putting paid to decently compensated jobs, too. People therefore need a reference.

This is what will differentiate them from the countless other candidates who are also out there trying to find a way to earn a wage. A reference is a personal letter from a former colleague or respected friend to an employer. It demonstrates why a person would be a good fit for an organization.

This kind of writing is so important because of the worth it has to employers. The person writing the paper is putting their own reputation at risk for a friend or colleague. This sort of trust in a person’s ability not to mess up is held in high regard.

This kind of document usually takes two popular forms. One is the personal reference, where someone who knows the candidate well will write about their experience personally with them. Usually, this kind of writing highlights how trustworthy a person is, and how caring and friendly they are to people of all ages and types. Usually, this is done by a relative or friend who is held in high esteem in the community.

Another type of letter is altogether more professional. Former employers are asked to jot down their thoughts of a person as an employee. They will highlight what a person did well in their previous employment, and outline skills learnt there.

Usually, professional letters of recommendation are all alike. They will each touch upon how the candidate was able to integrate well into a fully formed team. It will also make great play of their ease of communication and adaptability.

This kind of document is significantly different to a personal vouching for a person, and is treated differently. Employers scan through it not for what it contains, but what it lacks. There is an unwritten code of what should be in a professional recommendation, and anything missing is noted.

A reference slots in amongst other documents when applying for a job. It is a way to personally present someone to the employer in the way that a resume does not. This kind of document is often more important than a resume because it shines a light on how a person will work in a workplace with others.

Getting a good reference is therefore hugely important for people who are seeking out gainful employment in any and all sectors. It often makes the difference between a successful and unsuccessful job application. Those who view it as a thing which can opted in or out of often miss out on employment because of their decision.

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