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    • avatar Bea Almeida 0

      HI Cerys!! 
      I'm going to uni this year and was worrying about freshers week… Not so much the meeting my flatmates and all that but as a vegan… As you said, there's no point in spending all my money on take aways – especially because tbh I never eaten take aways apart from pizza (even back when I was omni) so I would be pretty clueless about what to order… But my flatmates are already planning in ordering take away n moving in day and I don't know what to do – I don't drink either and didn't want to be the "weirdo" – if I do order take out Im gonna have to check "have the noodles got egg" and you know its quite weird when you're with people you've never met before… If I don't then Im probably gonna be the one "preparing onion wings in the oven" – so already going to "be different". Then whilst they play drinking games I won't be drinking alcohol… All this during the night we're meeting… I will definitely be the "odd one out" and didn't wanna come across a "weirdo".. I know this probably sounds stupid and childish but Im just worrying.. Have you got any advice/ tips? What would you do? TIA 

      BTW – Been a sub for ages and have to say I think your videos just get better and better! Feel very proud to see you growing up just as I grow up myself hehe!

      • avatar Shoaib Khan 0

        Your voice and accent is so hot 😂

        • avatar Emily Graham 0

          Money saving tips

          • avatar Ametrine Moon 0

            I had the reference manager issue with Mendeley! I switched over to Zotero, which is a superb program, or Refworks

            • avatar Matild ish 0

              juts thought i'd let you know you look like a disney princess.

              • avatar Teigan Owers 1

                I love your top in this video! Where is it from?

                • avatar Courtney Gaffney 1

                  I’m having to skip my first lecture because I can’t move my driving test 😩

                  • avatar Gem Gem 0

                    Cerys, I don't drink or party and I don't want to go to the clubbing events at freshers, do you think the events that the unis put on for free are any good, I'm going to Aston btw

                    • avatar Zoe Abigail 0

                      Over the last few days I've been binge watching your videos and Vlogs. I don't go to uni till next year but I've been to see 3 Uni's overall and whats super weird is that I could recognise your accomidation just from the Kitchen. I loved that uni open day but I don't think it's for me. Just thought it was funny because out of hundreds I've seen 3 and you happen to go there. You've really helped me when it comes to planning for uni for next year.

                      • avatar Louise Grigg 0

                        Loved this x