1. Bea Almeida Bea Almeida

    HI Cerys!! 
    I'm going to uni this year and was worrying about freshers week… Not so much the meeting my flatmates and all that but as a vegan… As you said, there's no point in spending all my money on take aways – especially because tbh I never eaten take aways apart from pizza (even back when I was omni) so I would be pretty clueless about what to order… But my flatmates are already planning in ordering take away n moving in day and I don't know what to do – I don't drink either and didn't want to be the "weirdo" – if I do order take out Im gonna have to check "have the noodles got egg" and you know its quite weird when you're with people you've never met before… If I don't then Im probably gonna be the one "preparing onion wings in the oven" – so already going to "be different". Then whilst they play drinking games I won't be drinking alcohol… All this during the night we're meeting… I will definitely be the "odd one out" and didn't wanna come across a "weirdo".. I know this probably sounds stupid and childish but Im just worrying.. Have you got any advice/ tips? What would you do? TIA 

    BTW – Been a sub for ages and have to say I think your videos just get better and better! Feel very proud to see you growing up just as I grow up myself hehe!

  2. Shoaib Khan Shoaib Khan

    Your voice and accent is so hot 😂

  3. Emily Graham Emily Graham

    Money saving tips

  4. Ametrine Moon Ametrine Moon

    I had the reference manager issue with Mendeley! I switched over to Zotero, which is a superb program, or Refworks

  5. Matild ish Matild ish

    juts thought i'd let you know you look like a disney princess.

  6. Teigan Owers Teigan Owers

    I love your top in this video! Where is it from?

  7. Courtney Gaffney Courtney Gaffney

    I’m having to skip my first lecture because I can’t move my driving test 😩

  8. Gem Gem Gem Gem

    Cerys, I don't drink or party and I don't want to go to the clubbing events at freshers, do you think the events that the unis put on for free are any good, I'm going to Aston btw

  9. Zoe Abigail Zoe Abigail

    Over the last few days I've been binge watching your videos and Vlogs. I don't go to uni till next year but I've been to see 3 Uni's overall and whats super weird is that I could recognise your accomidation just from the Kitchen. I loved that uni open day but I don't think it's for me. Just thought it was funny because out of hundreds I've seen 3 and you happen to go there. You've really helped me when it comes to planning for uni for next year.

  10. Louise Grigg Louise Grigg

    Loved this x


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