What every student should know about university

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    • avatar GreyWhiteBlue 0

      When I've attended university and seen so many students attending fewer than half of their classes, DON'T tell me that university students have a better work ethic!!!!!!!

      • avatar jijo djalil 0

        good point of view STEVE jobs quit from university and go chasing his dreams…

        • avatar orlando greene 0

          You lost me at smarter and less likely to do drugs.

          Humans are human. Having more "intelligence" doesnt make you a happier drug free person or more motivated for that matter. What motivates people is doing something the enjoy. So if they are interested in the profession they study then ofcourse they will push hard to make their goals reality.

          • avatar Daan Geysen 0

            weirdest propaganda ever

            • avatar Michael M 1


              • avatar Darkcread Otf 1

                What if I spend two years at a community college and then transfer to a university I'm 1 not a very good student to say the least and 2 I don't have the financial resources to go to a four year university

                • avatar Ismail Chaaraoui 0

                  I like your videos a lot, but you've got this one wrong in my opinion

                  • avatar Animated Tigress 1

                    Jackie chan? lol

                    • avatar Cesar M C 0

                      This is contradictory. Degrees are useful according to economics, which is, according to the video, precisely one of the useless things they teach in university.

                      • avatar Taxtro 0

                        Of course it doesn't matter when you are a teacheror programmer.
                        That's not what master degrees are about. A master in architecture won't make you a better construction worker either.

                        You don't get a STEM master degree to end up as teacher or programmer or construction worker.

                        • avatar Jonathan Omisore 0

                          Information Technology and Computer Science are two vastly different fields. This video is very misleading.