What do we mean by “Self Education Verification”?

Background verification of students aspiring higher studies and job aspirants has become very important in recent times as the fake representation of educational qualifications has become a common practice to get a dream job or better salary. Through the education verification, the legitimacy of a student’s or employee’s education with respect to the degree, year of completion and the course completed is verified by contacting the education institution directly.

However, there have been cases where an employee has lost his job opportunity because of an incorrect employee background check even when his background antecedents are right. This is mainly attributed to the reason that the previous organisation, or the educational institution can give out misleading or incorrect information.

Self education verification is the best way to curb the insecurities arising out of wrong education verification. What can be understood by ‘Self Education Verification’?

‘Self Education Verification’ means getting one’s own educational antecedents verified. With self education verification, one can make sure that all the education details about the person are recorded correctly by the source. It enables the candidate to convince an institution of higher learning, an embassy or an employer that the education qualifications stated in his profile are not falsified and that he is a genuine candidate with authenticated credentials.

Self Education verification is conducted same as the background verification of any person. The only difference is that the person availing this service has to opt for checks that need to be conducted on himself/herself. There are a number of checks available for everyone wherein each check addresses a separate verification requirement.

What details are verified in self education verification?

Below are the checks which are conducted in the process of self education verification.

Verification of education qualification or course name with school, College, University
Verification of the authenticity of the Education institute.
Duration of the course.
Verification of the Degree received.
Verification of roll number/ registration number or Enrolment number.

Getting self education verification done will highlight the accuracies in the resume and equip a person to take a timely action in resolving or rectifying them. The self background check report shared by a candidate will be a kind of re- assurance to the potential employer. The initiative of self education verification undertaken by a candidate will speak volumes about his/her honesty and integrity which aids in making a person apart from the crowd. These prudent steps taken by a candidate creates a favourable impression on the employer because of the admirable pro-activeness and willingness to present himself/herself as an asset for the company.

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