Variety Of Courses Can Be Pursued From The Madras And Annamalai Distance Education Universities

For some reason or the other, continuance of studies is not always a possibility for the students. For reasons that are personal or economical, students tend to drop out of colleges and are not able to go into higher classes where they could have studied masters’ degree, post graduate degree, etc. For such students, who also have an interest in the higher studies, the solution has come in the form of distance education courses.

These are courses that are offered by some distance education universities, which are like any other courses, albeit the attendance of classes. Like any other course in an institution, there are course materials, there are exams and there are certificates that are awarded at the successful completion of the courses. For such distance education courses and subjects, there are books and study materials which are sent to the students of enrolling.

There are many such universities which come under the purview of the distance education colleges and institutions. Annamalai university distance education has been in the arena since a long time, since 1979, and has one of the largest student enrolments in the country. About 400 different subjects are recognised by the directorate of distance education and NAAC for enrolling the students. And very successfully, Annamalai university distance education has been able to fulfil the dream of millions of students for higher studies since its inception. It offers a wide range of subjects such as management, masters in computer applications, MA in variety of subjects, and others.

Madras University of distance education, likewise has been offering the students an opportunity to study further in a large number of subjects, such as history, English, languages, mathematics, economics, etc. Masters in commerce, computer applications, business administration, etc are also being imparted through these universities. Being established in 1981, by the act of the government, this university is also accredited by DDE and NAAC, due to which the value associated with the courses from Madras University distance education, is quite immense. Students from various parts of the country take up these courses for which advertisements are out twice in a year.

ICFAI distance education is another newly introduced source for pursuing various streams in management sciences, so that students can now get degrees in MBA in subjects such as finance, marketing, human resource managements, investments, operations, IT & systems, international business, etc. There is so much to read and gain through the ICFAI distance education and very rightly, many organisations are accepting these courses as competent enough in comparison to the degree from the top notch management institutes in India.

Students from far and wide and from even remote corners of the country are taking up the courses from such distance education universities. Government bodies such as NAAC and UGC are also coming forward to recognise these courses and allowing the students to gain a lot. This has not only made a huge difference in the manner in which the students achieve degrees in their careers, but also has allowed them to fulfil their long standing dream of higher education and good jobs.

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