Using My Shipping Reference Number

Every time you call a Hollywood messenger service, no matter which company it is, to ship something of yours across the city, or even across the country, you will receive something which is called a reference number. This number will likely be given to you over the phone when placing your order, might be emailed to you, and will be present on all of the documentation such as invoices and receipts that you receive from the courier company, and it is the most important piece of information that they will provide to you. Every time you are given a reference number from a messenger company be sure to carefully file it so that you can find it easily and refer back to it for any time that you need to deal with the courier company.

The way courier companies keep records tie everything involved in a single transaction to a reference number. That means that the location of your package, any events that occurred along its transit path, insurance claims, billing information and more are all going to be tied to that number. This makes it extremely important that you keep this number at all time, because it is the primary way that the courier company can reference any information tied to your shipment. If you ever have to make an insurance claim or if there is any kind of dispute over the service that was provided to you by the courier company you are going to have to have this number handy so that the appropriate information can be accessed easily.

A reference number is also a handy thing to have easily accessible while your package is in transit. If you go the website of almost any major courier company you will see a text box either on their home page or somewhere in the account section that allows you to input a reference number in order to track your shipment. This allows you to see where your package is at any given time. This might be in one of two forms, some companies now have GPS tracking enabled on their shipping vehicles which means that you can see in real time where your package actually is, or you could at the very least see the last major point that your package passed through. This helps reassure you, and allows you to reassure your customers, that their purchases are on their way in a timely fashion.

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