University of Utah Hospital Press Conference Regarding the Arrest of Alex Wubbels

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    • avatar TheOneFromFuture 1

      "The conversations I had with the Salt Lake City police initially were progressive, they wanted to walk down a path of positive change. But I did not have that same response from the university police and the university security," Wubbels said. That bald headed pig chief is lying his ass off.

      • avatar JossWainwright 0

        They messed with the wrong nurse! Applause.

        • avatar OTIS GREEN 1


          • avatar Engineerdude 1

            This is what happened when you give morons badges. The nurse and hospital should sue the crap out of them.

            • avatar briscoejr1 1

              Interesting…  Sounds like you are doing your best…  But apparently…  You are a little late with this public announcement…  And the police chief should be showing a lot more contrition…  Just my humble opinion….

              • avatar John Long 1

                Why aren't those scumbags in jail awaiting trial????

                • avatar bill james 0

                  Arrest, fire and sue. Nothing less. SCL and Utah in general are good places to avoid.

                  • avatar Markus O'Sparkus 0

                    Well, if you look at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act, CFR 382.303 (here is a link with interpretations: ) there is a requirement to test the "surviving drivers" following an accident such as the one the truck driver was in.  The accident is pretty clearly not his fault, but testing of all (surviving) drivers is called for under Federal law. HOWEVER, the law states that the EMPLOYER is responsible for getting this done.  Not Law Enforcement.  I don't know if Law Enforcement claimed to be acting "on behalf of the employer".  I don't know if the hospital has policies to permit testing in the circumstances specified by Federal law: (unconscious driver, employer orders tests performed as required under 382.303.  No consent of patient, no warrant).  Regardless, it appears to me that the detective was way out of line, Nurse Wubbels should not have been threatened or intimidated, let alone arrested. There is a "chain of custody" process for samples (urine and blood) to be tested, spelled out in another part of these rules.  The paperwork is tedious.  So I don't support the conspiracy theory of police doctoring a driver's blood sample.  Even the random pee tests for drivers have a lot of procedure and paperwork.If you go to the link above, you will find, under section (d), two time limits for post-accident alcohol tests.  It is preferred to test for BAC within 2 hours of the accident.  If not tested within 8 hours, "the employer shall cease efforts to test".  This is, of course, because alcohol gets metabolized out of the system over time so cannot be detected after a few hours have passed.  Testing for controlled substances has a 32-hour cutoff under this section.  But again, Federal law clearly states that it is the employer's responsibility.I wonder if the detective was tested after this incident?  Stimulants?  Testosterone?As for "non-surviving" drivers? BAC would be tested as part of the autopsy.

                    • avatar ipsurvivor 0

                      There needs to be an external forensic audit of the hospital security and the way other nurses have drawn blood in the past… I hope they let go all the security guards who acted in concert with the police that night and took their orders from them instead of the Charge Nurse, Alex WUBBELS, who was their boss that night… They were disgraceful fat hogs 👅 ing the boots of the cops that night… Cop Wannabes instead of hospital custodians…

                      • avatar Anna Smith 0

                        Way to go nurse alex.your fellow Rn.

                        • avatar Lo Kim 1

                          These are government leeches. We are the host and they are sucking us dry. All the hot air they are blowing is just that.

                          • avatar ipsurvivor 0

                            Also make sure this doesn't happen to patients again.

                            • avatar ipsurvivor 1

                              1-801-799-4422 to call SLPD about Alex WUBBELS' treatment… this is a hotline… keep up the pressure and ask for prosecution of these officers.

                              • avatar ipsurvivor 0

                                The Hospital is not off the hook just yet since it was said by the felon officers that they had no problem getting blood with out warrants before except one time and that was dealt with…

                                • avatar David R 1

                                  As to why the officer wanted the blood sample in the first place:  The patient in question was driving a semi that was hit head-on by a vehicle driving at very high speed, which crossed the center-line, while being pursued by the police. In most cities the police are not supposed to be endangering the public like that, but should find better ways to stop the vehicle.  So, the police in this case could be held liable and could be sued by that injured truck driver.   BUT, if the truck driver was somehow impaired and the police could prove it then he would have no case.  If the police could get a blood sample, and they somehow contaminated it, then they could show the driver was DUI.   All this to protect themselves.    (At least this is just my theory as to maybe why they wanted the blood sample. I may be wrong, but if someone else has a better explanation…)

                                  • avatar John Chucky Tomlinson 0

                                    I didn't know initially that one of the police officers their was an University police.. Aren't they paid to protect the pataints and employees?? Is the thin blue line that strong that they would allow an outside agency to come in and arrest one of their friends and co workers unlawfully?? THAT SHOULD NEVER HAD HAPPENED…..😎💣