Understanding Accounts – Kesgrave

Understanding Accounts - Kesgrave
Understanding Accounts   Your accounts are a valuable tool that not only tell you how well your business has performed but also why it performed as it did and, most importantly, what you can do to improve performance.  This will not only enable you to increase profits but will also assist in your relationship with your Accountant and Bank. However, understanding accounts is not a skill that comes naturally to everyone.  It does need to be acquired.  Therefore this course has been designed to plug that all important gap and send you back to the office fully armed with the skills and tools you need to make better financial decisions and drive your business forwards.   Course Tutor: Kirsty Wingfield Kirsty joined Ensors in 2009 direct from the University of Essex, having graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance. As a member of the Business Services team in our Ipswich office, she works with a range of clients, from sole traders to limited companies, mainly based locally. As well as providing day-to-day accounting services, she also prepares end-of-year accounts and tax returns.    Kirsty completed her ACCA qualification in 2012. In addition to her highly developed accountancy skills, she has a keen interest in the dynamics of the commercial world. She loves getting to know her clients and their businesses, taking the time to understand their strategic objectives and the challenges they face in achieving them.  

at Kesgrave Conference Centre
Twelve Acre Approach
Kesgrave, United Kingdom

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