Trump’s border wall could destroy a wildlife refuge in Texas

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    • avatar Eric Kay 0

      Build around the reserve? Logic

      • avatar Eric Kay 0


        • avatar Keep Calm And Do Your Homework 0

          I don't care.Build that wall!

          • avatar brian shields 0


            • avatar Raymond Ang 1

              By not building the wall, drugs destroy countless US families lives. Think about that. Brainless liberals.

              • avatar Forex Trader 1

                Anyone can confirm if the wall will have solar panels or just concrete ?

                • avatar Jarid Gaming 0

                  List like retard Republicans to kill more endangered species. But don't worry the Republicans don't belive the "Ocolot" is a real creature. Just how they belive climate change is not real.

                  • avatar Brad Robb 0

                    There is little to no wildlife on the texas border. It's baron. I doubt the ranchers and locals who live in that are willing to sacrifice their land and livelihoods to save a few worthless critters

                    • avatar Stephen N 1

                      Im going to unsubscribe from you guys if you keep pulling this nonsense

                      • avatar Chua Li 0

                        22 billion dollar

                        • avatar Mario Alvarez 1

                          Business Insider c'mon, stop it with the liberal B.S

                          • avatar Principal Concepts 1

                            They won't build a wall through the refuge 🙄