Toronto’s Astronomical Heritage

Toronto's Astronomical Heritage
Join us as we recognize Canada's 150th birthday, in this profusely-illustrated and non-technical presentation, where you will discover how Toronto became a "centre of the universe" for astronomical research, education, and public outreach, in parallel with the development of our city and our country from 1840 to the present. Learn about the key roles played by fascinating individuals such as Clarence Augustus Chant (1865-1956), organizations such as the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (and the University of Toronto), and facilities such as the Dunlap Observatory (where the first black hole in space was discovered), and the McLaughlin Planetarium. Everybody wonders: why did they close? What's their status? And learn about the vibrant state of astronomy in Toronto today, and why it matters!

at Toronto Reference Library
Yonge and Asquith (north of Bloor St )
Toronto, Canada

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