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    • avatar Tarsh J 1

      Lily pad city

      • avatar universal_peace 1

        #1 Venus Project💞

        • avatar Kenelm Siqueira 0

          Lily Pad city. Building walls to stop a tidal wave and could be used for hydro. I live in Canada, Calgary. So no way for a lilly pad to show up. Was born in Goa, India & moved to Canada when I was 3. Goa is a peninsula, so I could see a lily pad being built there. I believe in the Reuse, Reuses, Recycle concept, Thou find it difficult to achieve, commend the ones that can actually achieve it. But as they say, the struggle to achieve that goal, is more worth it then the final destination. :)

          • avatar Mehdi Mehdi 1

            I love the lilypad

            • avatar Radi Kowalski 0

              I'm so excited about the Venues City. Sign me up NOW!!!

              • avatar Lego Dog 1

                Lily pad city.

                • avatar Daneil Aguilar 1

                  Lily pad

                  • avatar Michael Bressler 0

                    I would strongly perfer a RBE/The Venus Project city. They even have concepts like the Lilypad city, underground cities and more and have as mission to make our world more peaceful as a whole (not just building a single city) :)

                    • avatar Blue&BlackJosh 0

                      I would LOVE to live in the lily pad city exept if a tsunami came

                      • avatar That Wizard Warrior. 0

                        love the lily pad city!

                        Imagine its like new york city but in water!

                        • avatar Theresa May 0

                          Love this video! And the Sand City will begin construction around 2025?! I will live to see it! I also love the Lilypad City; that one is my favourite!

                          • avatar valar 0

                            It might become a reality if runaway global warming turns the rest of the world into scrubland and desert by 2100 or whatever the nightmare scenarios predict.