Top 10 Psychology Hacks You Can Use To Control Situations

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    • avatar jakob arnold 1

      Far notice welcome recommendation uncomfortable prefer loss governor place

      • avatar ShaWordPlay Jennings 1

        6. Too bad they told us spit it out in class!!

        • avatar O Da Bandit 1

          Number 7 is a bitch lmao XD

          • avatar Juan Rodrigues 0

            bruh i don't even remember my teachers name but they know mine

            • avatar alternator point 0

              I'm always dying of terminal awkwardness

              • avatar *SHINE* 0

                Western culture has no character or honor. Nothing but manipulation

                • avatar Han Li 1

                  Start small: would you give me $10 because I need some money?

                  • avatar iz-be 1

                    it wasn't my fault i forgot her fucking name ! she used wichcraft, wichcraft!

                    • avatar Gabriela 0

                      because i want to know ;)

                      • avatar LEZ thaG 0

                        I'm gonna abuse number 1