Top 10 Incredibly EASY LANGUAGES to Learn

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    • avatar TopTenz 0

      Don't like this video? Maybe you think your language should be on the Hardest Languages to learn? Click to see what we thought were the most difficult:

      • avatar Olivia Drambarean 1

        It's funny how the only Romance language not included is Romanian

        • avatar Doyoung Kim 1

          French? Korean is more easier than French

          • avatar Oliver Larsen 0

            Check ou this video at 9:40
            and then remember the number one easiest language.

            • avatar TheTotalq 1

              Have you ever heard dutch? It's like a harsh version of norwegian. Sounds bad (IMO) and it's much harder to understand. That's why I don't understand why you put it on the first place.

              • avatar Josh isn't real, remember? 0

                I know Spanish pretty well, but that's the only other language that I know other than English.

                • avatar Shraar Rao 1

                  Well Icelandic gets even closer to Viking and Farose is closer than that so learn one of those instead of Norwegian

                  • avatar Daniel Jensen 0

                    Danish isn't on the list so much of your language is spoken that way because of Danish vikings in taking England

                    • avatar laurencemiguel villaviza 0

                      If you're a bilingual filipino, spanish will be ez

                      • avatar Suncica Cinglak 1

                        Norwegian is basically Danish with a fancier accent.

                        • avatar mirandan 1

                          Wait, isn't icelandic more close to what vikings spoke?

                          • avatar SebiCraft01 1

                            the vikings in the serie vikings are danes.

                            • avatar Axel Da Pikachu 0

                              I Thing The Easy Languages Is Indonesian.
                              Easy=Mudah, Gampang.
                              Me=Aku, Saya, Gue, Gua.
                              Jump=Lompat, Loncat.
                              Easy Right? It's Easy Cause Im Indonesian xD

                              • avatar hello hey 0

                                Guess what language this is: Marhaba habibi kifak