This Special Ed Teacher’s Real-World Lessons will Inspire You | Class Act

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    • avatar Sharlie Cullen 0

      This lady is such an inspiration, lovely, Thankyou , xx

      • avatar Jane Fry 1

        Sadie, I am a special ed. teacher near SF, and am familiar with your school. Great innovative idea and awesome teaching! I am inspired to try something similar with my students to teach them real world math skills!

        • avatar Stephanie Dove 1

          awesome job.

          • avatar Andrew Burton-Fullick 1

            The first thing every kid with a disabilty ( of any sort ) is a human being not a disability. They can achieve things it dose not matter how big as long as they are allowed to own the achievement.

            • avatar McKellar 0

              I do fully understand that there are students who are either cognitively &/or physically challenged which is why a program like this would possibly be best suited for them, but respectfully,….when these students graduate from elementary schools & high schools within the same program, don't you think they are getting less education within that program? If you think about this, the kind of education which they may need within today's world,..the kind of education which is advanced beyond basic, don't you think those students would need that kind of education? After all, they do have that right. I do fully understand with your education degree, you are qualified to think on your own as to develop some kind of learning style, so you can successfully teach those kids the education they need & hope they do fully understand it. Teaching those kinds the basic kind of education is fine to a degree, but the basic education will only cover you of the very minimum of what you need to know to hold down a typical job & I'm sure that's it.

              The advanced type of education is also what the students do need & they have the right to learn about it. There are plenty of teachers who would say something along the lines of,"You can't learn this because it's too hard for you". My first thoughts on that is,"Well how would you know? You're a teacher, not a cognitive psychologist. Just because I have a learning disability, that doesn't mean my ability to learn is disabled & I can't learn new education at all. Yes I'm a slow learner,…but that doesn't mean I can't learn at all. How about you teach me this, and I'll show you that I can learn & understand this. I may even surprise you".

              • avatar falt007 0


                • avatar Erza Scarlet 1

                  I am in speacail ed classes too! ( only for Reading, Writing, And Math) And im going into 8th grade!!

                  • avatar Erza Scarlet 1

                    I am in speacail ed classes too! ( only for Reading, Writing, And Math) And im going into 8th grade!!

                    • avatar Taylor Nelson 0

                      this is what im going to school for and im sitting at my computer crying bc i am so excited to be able to do what you are doing!

                      • avatar xΙyΙ 0

                        "I think it's money"

                        • avatar Youtubergirl 1

                          Great video !

                          • avatar The Real Delphox 616 0

                            By seeing the thumbnail, I thought this was a Collagehumor video!

                            • avatar rabiha sabir 1

                              28 people who disliked this video have no life and are heartless. i am really interested in this fulfilling profession. However, I hear a lot of bullshit stories that it is hard and many teachers leave the profession in a couple of years. I just cant think of anything else to do! This video inspires me.

                              • avatar 1120CWO 1

                                From one teacher to another…you are awesome!!

                                • avatar Lumpy. 0

                                  Hey me school!

                                  • avatar Kelly Hailey 0

                                    Thank You for the awesome real life idea that I'm excited to put to use when I start this fall in Teaching Special Education!! #CoffeeCart

                                    • avatar GuitarGrrrilla 0

                                      Teachers can do so much good. They're very underrated.

                                      • avatar Lydia Marida 0

                                        i cry like a baby. i have an aunt who has down syndrome and she is as happy as a seven year old, always talking that she has a new purse and a new comb. we say people like my aunt are disabled–yes we're right, they are disabled from doing evil things, they are incapable of doing evil things and speak hurtful words. truly, we are the true disable people.