“The Science Of” is Coming Back to SoulPancake! | The Community Show

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    • avatar serendipity7 0

      Yaaay 🙌 I'm so exited you're coming back! Love the topic, too! Love to know how to work on your empathic abilities

      • avatar Kevin O 0

        He’s dreamy!

        • avatar Marcela L. Costa 0

          I am looking forward for this new season! I am an empath and I wonder how to diferentiate my feelings from other person's feelings

          • avatar Emma-Jane Burian 1

            Yay!! I love ‘the science of’!!!!!! I can’t wait ❤️❤️❤️❤️

            • avatar Leah Smith 1

              I'm so excited!! We're watching the science of videos in my psychology class so I'm so glad it's coming back!!!!

              • avatar Isabel Cristina 0

                I'm happy to see you back! Julian It's looking good with the beard😉

                • avatar tomoyo93p 1

                  Yeiii!!!! I love this!!! :3

                  • avatar Anton Savellano 1

                    SO EXCITED FOR THIS. Definitely missed this series

                    • avatar LazyTV 0

                      More Molly, please?

                      • avatar abby 0

                        So excited for this season !

                        • avatar MOPOPOPO 0

                          YEEEEEEEES THE SCIENCE OF… IS BAAAAACK :'D

                          • avatar Blanche M 0

                            Love the beard Julian !