The Revivalists

The Revivalists

The formation of The Revivalists was all about chance, but everythingsince then has been a combination of hard work, awesome music, andfriendship. The septet hasbeen playing nonstop since 2007, crafting agenre-hopping sound that rounds out traditional rock instrumentationwith horns and pedal steel guitar and mixes thedivergent backgrounds ofits individual members with the humid, funky undercurrents of theband's New Orleans home. The result is like English spoken with anexoticaccent: familiar, yet difficult to pin down.Religion aside, a revival is all about the tangible electricity thatcan only be created when enough like minds are crammed under a singleroof for a singular purpose. It'sa spiritual spectacle, a carnival ofthe divine, a whole greater than the sum of its parts. The same couldbe said for The Revivalists' searing live performances. The bandhas aknack for bringing music to life on a stage, and they have tuned theirtalents to Swiss-watch precision over years of relentless touring. Theirbombasticshowmanship is the outgrowth of a desire to connect withaudiences on a personal level, and that intimate connection is whatelevates their shows above simpleentertainment.True to their name, The Revivalists lean more heavily on the olderstyles and warmer sounds of the golden age of rock 'n roll, but the bandisn't afraid to dabble inelectronics and sleight-of-studio when it'sright for the song. The group tends not to bother with questions like"does this sound like us?" or "does this fit with our otherstuff?",instead allowing songs to define themselves and take shape organically,each on its own terms. Is this a dark, heavy rock manifesto driven by asteel guitar linethat borders on electronica, or is it an airy,acoustic story about star-crossed lovers, rich in vocal harmony andsparsely arranged until the coda? This one's funky, thatone's sweet,this one's heavy.To The Revivalists, it doesn't matter. They just write songs that they want to play.

at The Chicken Box
14 Dave Street
Nantucket, United States

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