The Randolph Asylum Ghost Hunt, Winchester – Indiana

The Randolph Asylum Ghost Hunt, Winchester - Indiana
This is a ghost hunting event, and price includes Dinner and Breakfast.  Accommodation is ALSO included.  You will be ghost hunting with the Ghost Hunts USA team! Featured on Paranormal Lockdown, Ghost Hunts at The Randolph Haunted Asylum in Winchester, Indiana Will send a shiver down your spine!! Guests have Captured harrowing EVP's, full blown apparitions, dark shadows as well as the entity that lurks in this very haunted former hospital. The Randolph Asylum has one dark, checkered and haunted history, and every ghost hunt here is always different from the previous. We have captured many EVP's, and many guests have captured some harrowing photos of the dark entity that lurks in the basement as well as the 2nd floor of this haunted former hospital. (See photograph below). Other guests have been fortunate to capture full blown apparitions, that seem to venture from room to room. Your time will be spent ghost hunting in the most active areas of this haunted location, and your also have free time to privately explore this vast location. Once you have finished undertaking your own vigils your then be able to retire and sleepover in this formidable hospital. Will you be brave enough to undertake a lone vigil in the prison cell that is located on one of the wards?

at Winchester
1820 U.S. 27,
Winchester, United States

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