1. Afg786 Malang Afg786 Malang

    We get that allot where I'm from ….

  2. NATES adventures NATES adventures

    This happened to me months ago! Its so creepy an scary

  3. Bryan Cotner Bryan Cotner

    It's quite possibly the most terrifying experience to have. I never "saw" anything, (you don't really have to "see" it.) but there's the feeling of suffocation. As if I'm almost awake,and i try to jump out of the "hole" for lack of a better term. It's like I reach the edge and h nearly pull myself out. But then slip back into it. I try to gather my strength to make another leap. It's like being in quicksand. Although the more you stay still, the further you sink. Instead of the other way around,as in reality. And I know that if I don't stay alert. If I don't keep trying to jump out, I'll slip away and die. It's such a primal knowledge. I do have a couple of terrifying stories I can tell you. bryancotner1982@gmail.com
    You can Reach me there,if interested.

  4. Sarah Scalpel Sarah Scalpel

    Dude totally real cuz I went from dreaming to awake and had to fall back to sleep…scary crap.

  5. EinieN J EinieN J

    I've never had anything "sit" on my chest, but I've seen and heard some crazy awful things.. 🙁 Stress triggers SP for me..

  6. Corrupted Cubone Corrupted Cubone

    I want to but don’t at the same time

  7. katieomnom katieomnom

    I had sleep paralysis once… No hallucinations, thank goodness. Just woke up, was unable to move. I was terrified. I closed my eyes, and told myself to count to ten and try to move again, or I would scream. I counted, and by the time I finished, I was able to move. Maybe I had given the rest of my body time to wake up?

  8. Kej718 Kej718

    I've had this happen to me a few times in the past. The last time it happened I was sleeping on my back. Woke up but couldn't move. Out the corner of my eye I saw a small shadowy figure comeing towards. I couldn't move or scream, but in my mind I was cursing at it and eventually I was able to move. Went back to sleep with my dog in the room this time and the night light on lol.

  9. FuMbL35 FuMbL35

    Since you mention it, I experienced sleep paralysis this past week, on Monday. I woke up on my side, unable to move, hearing two people headed for me, two distinct voices attempting to turn over to see them as it sounded like some friends but i could not.

  10. Jackson Dunno Jackson Dunno

    There are even certain meds that cause sleep paralysis… great video!

  11. Dave Lennon-Copeland Dave Lennon-Copeland

    Sleep paralysis happens when a person wakes up before REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is finished and is related to lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming denotes a brain state between REM sleep and being awake.
    No demons or old hags are involved, just the mind of the individual, and the loss of trying to express what it actually was, hence all the superstitious nonsense.

  12. Joshua corbett Joshua corbett

    We really enjoy your videos and all you do keep up the good work me and my son watch you videos all the time and love the scary ones thanks for all the hours of hard work you put into this

  13. Invid of INP Invid of INP

    Only happened twice to me and only remember once really well. I was on my back asleep, woke up couldn't move but I saw something on the left side of the room moving. I fought with everything I had to move and only got my head up an inch. That shadow like thing I saw was over me at this point and I slammed my head back into the pillow (for such a short distance it felt like I fell off the bed). Then I woke up in so much cold sweat I had to change the sheets.

  14. Angela Shelton Angela Shelton

    I learned how to fight the paralyzed effect it put on me by forcing your fingers n toes to move. Once you do that hold on you will break then you can get up fast.

  15. The 7 hertz The 7 hertz

    I've had it many times it's fine… a 2 chemicals are released one to put your mind to sleep n one paralyse your body so u don't act on ur dreams n hurt ur self like sleep walkers who lack that chemical, when ur about to awake again two chemicals are responsible for waking ur mind and getting ur body out of that paralysis state, if that chemical is not released on time ur mind wakes up but ur physical body is paralysed meaning you can't move nor scream but you can see and hear. It can be scary but just relax n wait cause the more u struggle n stress the longer it can take

  16. black assassin black assassin

    My sleep paralysis experience was of a old hag with red hair screaming at me to wake up or die it was Fucking terrifying ever since then I've been hoping to never have it again


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