The Mysteries of Our Universe

If there is any place that is full of mysteries, it is the universe. Every day, something new is found out. Old theories are scrapped and new theories are put forward and scrapped again. Let us find out the major mysteries of the universe:

1. Is the universe expanding or static? If it is expanding as proven by Hubble, will it keep expanding? Or will it one day collapse back? Why is it expanding? What is the force that makes it do so? Where is it expanding? In space that is outer to it? Then is that space not part of the universe? Is it sure that gravity will one day overtake this expansion and cause the collapse of the universe? Is gravity same all around - even at the outer edges or does it increase or decrease?

2. Is it a finite or infinite universe? Currently it is believed that general theory of relativity proves that it must be finite. If it is finite, can we measure the dimensions? What is beyond our finite universe?

3. Are there other universes beyond our universe? Or is our universe the only one? Then where it is located?

4. Why did a singularity exist at the time of Big Bang? Who made that singularity that had infinite mass? Why did that singularity explode and created the universe? What existed before the Big Bang? Should this question be always brushed away saying that let us assume that time began at the moment of Big Bang and we need not worry about what occurred earlier?

5. Is Big Bang a sure thing? Or in coming time will it be proven that universe always existed as it is? Remember for centuries, people believed that earth is flat- are we believing in the Big Bang like wise?

One can keep asking questions about the universe. And then somebody will say- let us first remove diseases from the earth and then think about the universe.

What Is The Reference Point For Our Universe?

Think of your home. If someone was to ask you where is your home, you would give landmarks, street number and other details to point out the location of your home. Same thing applies to your state, your country. Where is the USA? You will answer- north of Mexico and south of Canada. Are you getting the drift of my discussion? We have reference points for all locations on the earth. Similarly we have reference points of stars in the universe. When we think of the sun as stationary with reference to space, we can locate other stars. Sun is the reference point for locating then. But what about reference point of the universe itself?

If you were to assume that the universe was not infinite but finite and with a shape then you need to get a reference point for that. This provided you think that there are other universes in the space. Where does the boundary of our universe end? What is beyond that? If our universe is part of larger space, then only space must be beyond our universe. Then there should be another universes somewhere else. This brings us to the question- Are we alone in the larger Universe? Is our universe the only one in the larger universe or there are other universes. No clear answer is yet available for this.

Universe is a great mystery. We look at stars and forget to think that there are stars beyond, and more beyond, at distances that defy human comprehension. What are these stars doing there? What lies beyond? It is all a big mystery. The existence itself is a big mystery. A small atom has a nuclei that has protons- all positive charged together, and we have stars that match the forces so very well that everything looks just perfect. Difficult to understand- Go ahead and think.

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