The Most Powerful Secrets of Article Marketing

Article Marketing has been one of the most powerful success secrets of numerous internet gurus and experts. It is often compared to PPC, another popular method of obtaining traffic.

Article Marketing emerges as the clear winner, that is if you know how to exploit it to the optimum for your internet marketing business.

In fact, article marketing is a more dynamic, effective and results targeted method, than PPC.

This is not possible, without consistent application of the right strategy in article writing and marketing.

The Article Title :

The first few words of the header of your article decide the success of your article marketing campaign. Almost like the ppc ad header. The only dissimilarity is that you have more canvas to express your thoughts & attract the reader's attention to it.

When you design your title make sure that it is catchy enough to catch people's attention and want to read your article. The keyword should be found in the first 3-4 words of the title. Make sure your title is solution to people needs or problems to result in higher clicks.

The Body of the Article:

Ensure that the article title is followed by contextual and relevant content which elaborates it further, so as to keep the reader's interest in the article alive. Make it slick & to the point. Offer really good information, but just enough to capture the reader's interest.

Reserve some information so that they will want to know more, and will visit your website to see more. This is success of article marketing.

The Resource Box :

The resource box in your article serves as an important tool. It direct readers to your website. So you should make the resource box as natural as possible, refraining from writing any sales pitch. It should flow from your article body, and readers feel natural to click on the link and be directed to your website.

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