The Million Dollar Actor #RichInTalent

The Million Dollar Actor #RichInTalent
The Million Dollar Actor "Rich In Talent"  Introducing the Million Dollar Actor movement with acting classes/workshops that help put you in demand and keep Hollywood and Broadway calling! It's your turn to "work" the red carpet! We are elated to be providing this opportunity for the next several months.  Ages 7 and up are welcome to participate. Get ready for highly informative and interactive Saturday classes that are guaranteed to move you in the right direction to stardom! We are literally showing you how to create your own legacy. You are not only learning/improving your acting skills. You will learn how to incorporate your gift with a special cause you believe in and how to create your own works to support that cause in a creative and meaningful way. As an extra incentive all actors who participate will be considered for reprensentation for casting leads and opportunities related to their goals. ABOUT: The Million Dollar Actor not only entertains. She/he also uses their creative gifts to inspire and empower audiences.  CURRENT WORKSHOP SCHEDULE: (Additional Dates TBA) TBA Acting  101— Theater- Focusing on building your self confidence, delivery, memorization & getting into character TBA Acting  102— Television- Focusing on selling yourself as a complete package, learn what they are looking for what they don't want, creating your signature  TBA Acting 103 — Film – Focusing on how and why you must be unique and stand out, going above and beyond, the reality of film and what it takes   UP-COMING WORKSHOPS:  Additional workshops to be scheduled in the near future will incorporate singing lessons from award-winning performing artist as well as training in Public Speaking and Spoken Word by award-winning Spoken Word Artist. There will also be guest appearances by actors you have seen on TV, in Film and in nationally recognized theatrical performances including On Broadway!  ACTING COACH: K. Fatimah Woolfolk — Click for complete bio  Short Biography: Media entrepreneur K. Fatimah Woolfolk is an accomplished producer, writer and visionary from Lexington, Kentucky now residing in the Washington D.C. Metro area. Woolfolk began her journey as a classical violinist and actress. In her earlier days she participated in various work shops, camps and performances with The Lexington Philharmonic and The Lexington Children's Theatre. Acting credits include national commercials and training videos for Urgent Treatment Centers and Long John Silvers, several theatrical performances, a few independent films and a five-part television series produced by The University of Kentucky called Mind Over Math. For decades the show aired on several educational networks including The Learning Channel. Her initial goal was to attend The American Musical Dramatic Academy in New York before deciding to honor her father's request to instead attend a private business college in her hometown where she earned a degree in Marketing and Travel/Tourism. She is currently  pursuing a second degree in Communications at Howard University. In between assisting performing artists, doing PR for a local vegan restaurant and working as a voice talent for a few radio stations. Today, her directorial focus is on developing the forthcoming film 'Confessions of Love’ and a captivating travel show ‘Fantasy Island Travel Show’. The enthusiasm for her work is as evident as ever as she continues to charter a diverse, inimitable and pioneering approach to media. She has over thirty successful years in the arts industry. In 2011 her non-traditional play, The Play: "NO! MORE WAR!" was featured at the 2nd Annual DC Black Theatre Festival.      

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