The Importance of Applying for a Scholarship for a Student’s Education

The cost of education both in India and abroad has significantly increased over the years. The fees charged by reputed universities across the world are more than what an average student is able to afford. It is for this very reason that higher education scholarships have been designed by various financial institutions. A scholarship is a loan provided to a student to assist in the payment of fees as well as afford living expenses. For those who wish to study abroad, besides the expensive fee structure, many worry about the amount of money they would have to spend on living in a different city in a new country. Compared to countries like USA, UK and Australia, India’s exchange is unfavorable for an Indian planning on studying abroad. Here are a few reasons why it is extremely important for a student to apply for scholarships for higher education:

1. Cost of College has Increased
The cost of going to college has greatly increased over the years. Also, if a student wishes to study at a reputed university, the fees charged are more than they can afford. Even top universities in the country now charge higher fees from their students. For those who come from relatively poor backgrounds a scholarship for higher education is ideal way in which a student can afford their education.

2. Unfavorable Exchange Rate
The exchange rate between India and other countries is usually unfavorable towards Indians. Due to this, one ends up shelling out more money to afford the fees demanded by reputed foreign universities. Also the cost of living in foreign cities is comparatively higher. A student can simply opt for a higher education scholarship to reduce the financial burden on themselves as well as their parents.

3. Quality Education
The reason why reputed universities demand such a high fees is because they are able to provide that quality of education for their students. Though Ivy League universities are extremely expensive and tough to get into, they provide that high level of education to help students grow. So if you have gotten admission in a reputed university, a scholarship for higher education is the ideal way to fund your financial requirements.

4. Low Interest Rates
Scholarships are provided at low interest rates and some institutes even provide the loan without any interest charged to a few students. The benefit of such a loan is that you are expected to start the repayment once you start earning.

For a student, applying for a higher education scholarship is the ideal way to help fund you fee requirements. Very few students get the opportunity to study in any Ivy League or reputed university. So apply for a scholarship and make the most of it.

Dr. Amit Dhakar, Ph.D. in education, is an expert in the education sector. In spite of the busy schedule, he remains committed to the empowerment of economically weak sections in India. That’s why; he does create literature on topics like higher education strategies for EWS, how to get higher education scholarship, etc.

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