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    • avatar Gwen Hughes 1

      These videos made me so glad not to be in elementary, middle, or high school anymore! But I do think it's cool that school starts later for Katie and Ryan! Do most public schools start around or after 9?

      • avatar Hello I'm Sara 0

        Tbh I am in homeschool now, I like it it's just that i used to go to public school and now no one AND I MEAN NO ONE talkt to me anymore. I'm going back but, to a different public school than before.

        • avatar Aimee 1

          Ryan's bedhead! Bahahaha

          • avatar TayTays Tumbling 1

            Don't mind me I mistakenly clicked on this from an iPhone video lol

            • avatar Brynne Marie 0

              lol my school gets out at 2:20

              • avatar Madison Shields 0

                There wasn't a bat in my house but there was a bat at a wedding that I was at.

                • avatar Mike B 1

                  wow, i never heard of school lasting tlll 4PM!! Around here it is anywhere, depending on the school, from 2 pm to 3:15

                  • avatar S'Fias Show 0

                    What's a barge?

                    • avatar Cutie Pie 0

                      What's a barge 😕

                      • avatar Travis Robertson 1

                        You should deathly have sex with teachers dude

                        • avatar rocana gimnast 0

                          I miss when annie did everything with katie

                          • avatar Chronically Vlogging 1

                            I would never be able to handle such a tight schedule of gym and public school lol

                            • avatar KristyS VlogS 0

                              3:05 i live in Australia and my school starts at 9 and finishes at 3

                              • avatar Mia Grimes 0

                                Is katie and Annie still friends?

                                • avatar Macy Burke 0

                                  I don't know what a barge is!!!!

                                  • avatar Sumner Swett 0

                                    If that was me having an attitude and sassy like katie I'd be punished in my day

                                    • avatar Daniel Smyles 0

                                      Whoaahh Katie is just getting more beautiful as time goes on