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There is little doubt that there is a fair amount of anti Freemason information contained on the internet. There are variations in this information but the majority of the issues seem to center around two major points. It would seem that the main concerns of the anti masons are that the organization is a Satan worshipper cult and/or political corruption is rampant amongst them.

Much of the negative commentaries regarding the Freemasons are because they are a secret order. A Freemason will be quick to tell you that since the birth of this organization that going back in history the Freemasons refrained from paying attention to external negative remarks and comment and did not get caught up in petty arguments.

According to the Freemasons they have been constantly persecuted going way back involving such accusations as being politically involved, regime persecution, and actually been accused of promoting Zionists concepts. Then there was the renowned excommunication for the Roman Catholic Church for anyone that stepped out and became a member of the Freemasonry.

Now in the most current times there is the internet to deal with. Being a new way of communication, it?s an open venue for anti Freemasons to get their point across. According to some Freemasons in good standing they stipulate that these anti mason commentaries either come from x masons who have a dislike for them, or people looking for a quick book by selling books about the organization.

It is viewed that the most common argument against the Freemasons will be based on the book of Albert Pike?s called Morals and Dogma and specifically regarding the quote contained therein about Lucifer. Apparently, this is to deal with Lucifer or at least the Blue Lodge is the outer casings for evil and those involved are just pawns.

This whole anti Freemason argument is supposedly centered on the Isaiah chapter 12. It refers to Lucifer being the son of morning, which fell from Heaven. The argument put forth by the Freemasons in summary is that this chapter is not referring to the fallen angel but to one of the wicked Kings. The Christian theory on the other hand is that this is a reference to Satan because in the New Testament Jesus refers back to this scripture.

There is much conjecture about the various translations in the Hebrew and Latin texts and the references to Venus being the morning star. This is is where the argument stems from between the Freemasons and the anti freemasons.

In reference to being, pawns of evil many individuals against this movement will tell you that those that are in the lower levels of the organization really have no idea of what?s taking place in the higher levels. The fears can reach the level where it is believed that these higher up masons are attempting to take control of the world and the lower masons are their means of doing it. There are those amongst the Masons that believe too much emphasis is put on Albert Pike?s writings. Not everything he wrote was to be construed as in reference to the Masons, but in fact wrote much on his own ideals.

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