The College Biology Course and Your Success as a Student

College biology is one of the most popular college courses for college freshmen. Liberal arts students who do not plan to major in biology or other sciences are often required to choose a few courses from a selection of natural sciences classes, and biology is one of the most popular choices. Most college freshmen have some exposure to biology from high school, and are well-prepared for succeeding in their biology classes. Biology is also popular because it helps anyone make better sense of the natural world. If you plan on taking a non-online college biology class, it's a good idea to register early because these classes fill up quickly.

Nursing Students, Pre-Med Students, and Biology Majors

Students who are going into nursing, pre-med, biology, or other natural science-oriented majors often have a different college biology progression than other students. College biology for these majors must prepare these students for higher level natural science classes like biochemistry and advanced biology, and are more demanding than the general biology track taken by other students. If you are majoring in a natural science or are going into medicine, speak with your advisor to make sure that the biology courses you choose are the right ones for your major.

College Biology vs. High School Biology

High school biology can be challenging, and a student who took two years of biology in high school and made good grades is well prepared for college biology. However, college courses proceed at a faster pace, and go into more depth and detail than high school biology classes. College biology also requires a better grounding in basic chemistry than high school biology. If you have taken high school chemistry and done well, however, you should be ready for this. You shouldn't, however, think that just because you aced high school biology that you won't have to study for college biology. College biology can be quite challenging.

What to Expect in College Biology

Many college biology classes start out with basic concepts like the relationship between pressure and volume and the basics of atomic structure. You will proceed through cell structure, cellular metabolism, cell division, DNA and RNA transcription, plant biology, animal biology, reproductive biology, and eventually basic concepts of biochemistry. You will have classroom sessions, laboratory sessions, and possibly weekly lectures. Lectures may cover the scientific method, current biology research, genetics, evolution, and more in-depth coverage of textbook concepts.

Succeeding in Your College Biology Course

College biology isn't an easy class, but it isn't unreasonably demanding either. To succeed in college biology, you need to attend every class, lab, and lecture session if possible, complete all reading and assignments, and prepare well for your tests. Most instructors like for students to be engaged in classroom sessions, so don't be afraid to speak up or ask questions if you're having trouble with a concept. If you find biology to be difficult, try to meet with your instructor during office hours to discuss your difficulties. If your campus has a tutoring center, you may be able to sign up for free tutoring that can really help keep you on track with your biology class.

If you are a nursing, pre-med or biology major, chances are that you need to take a college biology course. But did you know that if you take college courses online, you'll reap many benefits. To learn more about taking online college courses, go to
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