The Bible Explained – A free seminar series on how to read the Bible effectively

The Bible Explained - A free seminar series on how to read the Bible effectively
The Bible is the world's best selling book but by no means the easiest to read and understand. Many people do not know where to start, or are put off by its size and age. Is it best read from cover to cover or dipped into as a reference book? Which translation is the most accurate? Is all of it relevant or can some of it be discarded? This free course, consisting of six evening classes, will explore the Bible and its background and provide guidance on how to approach it in order to read it effectively. Topics include: A basic overview of the Bible Useful study tools Using cross references How we got the Bible Bible terminology Why are there two Testaments? Bible history The role of prophecy Much more! Classes are to be held at the Lawrence Sheriff School (Learning Resource Centre) Whitehall Road, Rugby CV21 3AE.  Please use the car park on Whitehall road and not on Clifton Road. The course will be held on consecutive Tuesdays throughout June and July. The timetable is as follows: Tuesday June 6th - Introduction to the Bible Tuesday June 13th - How to approach the Bible Tuesday June 20st - The purpose of the Bible Tuesday June 27th - The Old Testament Tuesday July 4th - The New Testament Tuesday July 11th the school is not available so no seminar will run Tuesday July 18th - The Bible in Today's world Can't make it but still interested? We'll be running follow on course after this one so please still contact us.   email -    

at Lawrence Sheriff School
Clifton Road Rugby Warwickshire
Rugby, United Kingdom

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