Technical Writing: How to Simplify Sentences

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    • avatar elaine kleiner 0

      Great explanation of simplifying sentences! Can I use it in my classroom?

      • avatar Bhupendra Kumar 0

        This is called brevity in writing.

        • avatar Kara F 0

          Thank you Laurie for your video. I was LOSTED!! Have being Writing as a Technical Writer without realizing it!!                                  Short, Sharp and Brief!! Am Most Worthy Of My Given Talent. Again, Thank You in Advance. YAY!!

          • avatar jesse devlin 0

            Great vid. Where do tech writers find work?

            • avatar Laurie MANIBUSAN 0

              Thanks great info…can I share in my classroom?

              • avatar K. Jevon .D 1

                very helpful, keeping it simple and omitting repeated words! thankyou!