Tech Talk @ West 40: Technology Directors’ Network – 11 Sessions

Tech Talk @ West 40: Technology Directors' Network - 11 Sessions
Tech Talk is a forum for Technology Leaders to share best practices, problem-solve, and network about software, hardware, pedagogy, and classroom integration. Each session is facilitated by two Directors from within the West 40 school districts. Before each session, be sure to check the shared Google agenda, and contribute any topics, concerns or questions within the Google document. We will attempt to address all additions to the agenda. Mission: Tech Talk is committed to excellence in education for all children in our schools by bringing technology leaders together. Fee: 0.00 for the year (11 sessions) September 27 - Topic: 1:1 Procedures October 25 - Topic: File Organization November 22 - Topic: Assessments December 13 - Topic: Privacy Policies January 31 - Topic: Internet Safety February 28 - Topic: App Approval Process March 21 - Topic: Special Education Accessibility April 25 - Topic: Learning Management Systems May 23 - Topic: Professional Development June 27 - Topic: Planning for next year

at West 40 ISC
4413 Roosevelt Rd
Hillside, United States

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