Team SuperFit Lorton 2017 (4 person)

Team SuperFit Lorton 2017 (4 person)
SuperFit Games is proud to announce it's second 4 Person Team Event at CrossFit Lorton!   Some benefits of our events: Most experienced event staff of its kind. Not another one-off weekend throwdown! Indoor venues for all our events, meaning sponsors, athletes and spectators don't deal with the weather Fun, friendly atmosphere Competition Idea We believe being fit means being able to do well across a variety of different physical tests. As such, we've designed a competition that tests people for all-around skills. Games Format The games will incorporate a variety of different skill sets and be scaled to any level athlete. We will incorporate standard movements (bodyweight, weightlifting, kettlebells, running, rowing, etc...) in workouts that will be selected to test athletes in strength, endurance and skill. We will announce the 3 events that all competitors will participate in 48 hours prior to the competition. We typically hold a finals workout for the top 5 teams, though this varies from competition to competition. Sample Workout Formats Event 1: 7 minutes to establish a 1 Rep Max Hang SnatchEvent 2: 3 Rounds of Row 500 Meters, 21 Squat Cleans, 21 BurpeesEvent 3: AMRAP 10 Toes-to-bar 10 Thrusters Divisions The following divisions will be available at this event: MMFF RX MMFF Novice  MMMM RX MMMM Novice FFFF RX FFFF Novice RX: RX means you can do almost every "girl" workout RX. In some cases, weights and movement requirements will be more challenging than the "girl" workouts. Novice:  Novice is for athletes new to SuperFit, or competitions of it's kind. Expect weights and movements that are still challenging, but not as challenging as our RX division. Games Scoring and Rules Please refer to our scoring and rules page. Prizes We will have a prize basket for our winners from our sponsors, as well as a custom SuperFit medal. RX winners can expect to receive larger prize packages than the Novice winners. Swag All athletes will receive a contest shirt as well as a variety of samples and freebies from our sponsors. Entrance Games will be open to all level athletes over the age of 16. We encourage athletes to be familiar with different fitness domains and have some exposure to CrossFit style workouts. . Refunds We do not do refunds for our events, but will happily accept ticket exchanges if you can find someone to buy your ticket.  Please make sure to fill out a registration change request if you sell or buy a ticket. Spectators Spectator admission is . Kids 16 and under are free.

at CrossFit Lorton
7402 Lockport Pl
Lorton, United States

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