Teaching Methods for Inspiring the Students of the Future | Joe Ruhl | TEDxLafayette

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    • avatar Ngọc Anh Quế 0

      who can summarize this video contents for me? plz

      • avatar Parmeet Singh 1

        To teach the 21st century students you need 21st century teachers too. Just like him

        • avatar Robert Paulo 1

          What a great guy

          • avatar Bill Jordan 0

            I like the basis for the discussion…. choice. What I have not come to grips with yet is why people still focus on learning styles. Learning styles are a myth with zero evidence to support it. Fact is, we all learn the same. Brain research has supported how exactly stimulus is taken in and how we process the information. Teachers control the experiences in the classroom. They are not dependent upon channeling information through a learning style. The most effective teachers use methods that rely on research based studies, not unsupported theories that sound good, seem to make sense, but have no evidence.

            • avatar Fely Fagcayang 0

              Being a teacher is stress but than you for sharing this message

              • avatar Rachel Phillips 0

                Hi. Confused. How do I APA reference this? Can anyone help?

                • avatar Hamza Hamed 1

                  This is really inspirational! Thank you

                  • avatar Rochelle Gregory 1

                    What a wonderful presentation! Thank you for your passion!

                    • avatar Godisgr8 1

                      Awesome info for homeschooling parents as well..

                      • avatar Sunhong Hwang 0

                        Nel Nodding's caring. Way to go!

                        • avatar Jimela Dora Kialo 1

                          Add to the 5 Cs principle in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Engineering Course Development for the 21st Century.

                          • avatar Raju Devde 0

                            excellent and exceptional talk

                            • avatar Rozanah Wirt 0

                              YOU ARE GREAT, THANK YOU.

                              • avatar Smith Kasonde 0

                                Thanks , this is powerful i like it

                                • avatar Chris Ericksen 0

                                  Im a CPS teacher in Chicago and I love helping the students but I bore myself and the students. I teach how I was taught. This video just woke me up. I think I may be able to like teaching as much as I should. Thank you.

                                  • avatar 1001 Reasons 1

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