Summer vocational training programs

Summer vocational training programs
Vocational Trade Schools
During the month of August, UFV International welcomed several short-term training groups from China and Japan. UFV pulled experts from around the university to facilitate seminars and shared knowledge with new and continuing international partners in the areas of wood frame construction, English language training, and administrator and faculty professional development.

At the farewell lunch, attended by Dr. Mark Evered and his wife, Maureen, participants received a certificate of completion to mark their accomplishment.

In collaboration with Canada Wood and China National Ministry of Urban and Rural Housing Development (Mohurd), UFV welcomed nine Chinese instructors from trade schools across China along with seven building company representatives for a three-week program that consisted of 50% classroom instruction, 35% hands-on instruction, and 15% project visits. It was the first program of its kind, with positive indications that the program will grow in the coming years.

As a university nationally recognized for our student-centered approach to education, UFV hosted twenty-three university administrators and nine English language faculty from Harbin Huade University, Heilongjiang University of Finance and Economics, East University of Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang International University. The visit was sponsored by Heilongjiang Modern Education Training Center and the Heilongjiang Association of Private Education. Participants learned from UFV’s senior administration, directors, and international educators on a range of topics from Strategic Enrollment Strategies to developing a teaching portfolio.

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