Suicide Prevention in Older Adults with Bernie Seifert

Suicide Prevention in Older Adults with Bernie Seifert
Suicide Prevention in Older Adults While suicide is identified as a major public health issue by the U.S. Surgeon General, and is listed as one of the top ten leading causes of death in our country, it continues to be a difficult topic to discuss and address.  It is essential that clinicians and social service providers become more in tune with their own thoughts and views about suicide, as well as become more aware of some of the general barriers to suicide prevention.  This training will use Connect Suicide Prevention Program protocols and training materials, which are based on evidence-supported research.   It takes a community to prevent suicide! This training will introduce clinicians to the risk factors and warning signs for older adults who may be at risk for suicide. It will help participants recognize when someone may be suicidal, learn how to connect with them and how to lead them to help and resources. Learning Objectives:  Participants will be able to: o   Identify risk and protective factors, and warning signs of suicide specific to older adult population o   Discuss how attitudes towards suicide and stigma may have an impact on suicide prevention o   Review national suicide trends and statistics o   Review best practices concerning restricting access to lethal means, safe messaging and communication o   Identify community resources and describe how to refer clients to those resources when needed. o   Discuss how to strengthen the community safety net  to help reduce the risk for suicide o   Define physician assisted suicide and death with dignity in older adults  Three (3) Clinical 1 and Suicide Prevention CEUs have been approved by NH NASW, CEU #3297 About the Presenter Ms. Seifert earned her MSW degree (with a sub concentration in Aging) from Boston University in 1984 and has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New Hampshire since 1988.  She is currently the Geriatric Mental Health Training Coordinator at the Northern New England Geriatric Education Center in Lebanon, NH, and the Older Adult Program Coordinator at the National Alliance on Mental Illness New Hampshire.  Her many years of work as a direct care clinician combined with her experience as a workshop presenter provides her audience with practical, experience-based, interactive learning.  Board and committee memberships include:  NH National Association of Social Work (NASW) Board (President 2015-17), NH Coalition on Substance Abuse, Mental Health and Aging (currently chairperson), and  NH Coalition on Caring.   She was the recipient of the NH NASW “Social Worker of the Year” Award in 1996. Bernie is a proud member of NASW. Please note we are unable to give refunds, though you may transfer your registration to another.  Coffee, tea and pastry will be available during registration If you would prefer to pay by check, please email 

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