Sturgeon Moon Pack Hike

Sturgeon Moon Pack Hike
While planning the next hike after the resounding success of our last one at Black Mountain, we asked ourselves: How can we possibly take it up a notch!? I mean, it’s hard to beat having a few dozen dogs and their owners hike up a local mountain under a beautiful full moon, complete with bottles of champagne at the top, right!? Well, enter Kimmi and Project Wildsong, a California non-profit that seeks to inspire education, collaboration, and conservation for wolves and other indigenous, North American wildlife. Kimmi has agreed to come and bring along some of her Animal Ambassadors (seen the pic above) for everyone to meet. There’s also a decent chance that these beautiful animals will be joining us on the hike, as well! Now, before any of you go and get overly-worried, rest assured that these animals are very well-trained and have a lot of experience interacting with other people and animals in their roles as Animal Ambassadors at Project Wildsong, so while there is no more risk being around them than any other large canine, they do deserve our utmost respect, so we will be limiting this hike to well-behaved dogs – and people – only. Also, all attendees will need to RSVP for free through Eventbrite ahead of time, as we may cap the attendance if this event proves to be too popular. Prior to the hike getting underway around sunset, REAL Pet Food and the #feedreal community will be hosting their Short Leash Social, where Project Wildsong will officially introduce their Animal Ambassadors and talk a bit about their mission of wildlife education and conservation, as well as answer any questions. In addition, there will be the opportunity to socialize with others, sample some amazing treats and chews, and get some pack hike tips from one of our dog training partners! THE HIKE: The Big Rock Trail to the top of Cowles Mountain is a 4.9-mile, moderately trafficked, out-and-back hike. Overall, this is a moderately-difficult hike, but the final 1/4-mile is particularly difficult, mostly due to the steep grade. However, the view from the top is worth the exertion, especially at night under a full moon! Essential gear for all human participants includes hiking shoes/boots, water, and a flashlight or headlamp. In the spirit of past Adventurtainment hikes, glow stick swag will be provided for everyone (dog and human) and – as always – we will be doing a champagne toast at the top, so if you’ve got room in your pack, bring a bottle to pop! DOG OWNERS: While we typically allow all dogs on our hikes, due to the special presence of Project Wildsong’s Ambassador Animals, we ask that dogs with a history of aggressive or antagonizing behavior sit this one out. Obviously, all well-behaved humans (adults and children) are welcome to attend!  As we’ve always done, we will be making every effort to encourage positive interactions between all canine attendees. This includes giving them a bandana and glowstick necklace that corresponds to their approachability so that owners can take appropriate measures during the hike to encourage positive interactions. At a minimum, all dogs must remain leashed for the entire event and have their own waste bags, water, and water dish. While we’re very aware that many dogs do just fine running off-leash on the trail, this will not be permitted due to the anticipated presence of a large number of dogs. If anything, use this hike as an opportunity to work with your dog on walking behavior! We look forward to making this hike fun for everyone and we host these events in an effort to promote better health and better relationships for both humans and dogs. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via our Facebook page!

at Big Rock Park
8125 Arlette Street
Santee, United States

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