Study With Me: Creating Your Own Study Guide ♡

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    • avatar Kavin Karthik 1

      I am requesting you to please post me videos like this with higher sound

      • avatar PerfectlyPreppy 1

        your keyboard cover is super cute and i love your editing!! such good tips and i hope you have an amazing day!

        • avatar Smiling Scholar 0

          Good concept on cutting down the study guide. The multiple repetitions of writing always help to solidify information. Similar to writing 'talking points' for a speech where you are able to expand :)

          • avatar Sarah Hamamchyan 0

            Thank you for helping me

            • avatar Jules McFarlane 0

              Ahhh new subscriber!!!! Soo in love with your videos and I'm only on the third one omggg. I have been looking for another studying account!

              • avatar MaureenMango1 0

                What kind of laptop is that, and where did you get it? I've been looking for a nice laptop for studying.. Also if you don't mind, about how much did you get if for..? Thanks!! I love your videos!!!!

                • avatar Tanya Shah 1

                  Omg I can't explain to you how helpful this was… ilysm❤️

                  • avatar Diya bhanvadia 1

                    LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

                    • avatar Fatma Zharina Ismael 0

                      i really like ur videos!! 😊❤️ bcoz i love watching videos about study tips etc, all about notetaking, school. :)) UPLOAD MOREE 🙌🏻

                      • avatar Lynette Tan 0

                        oh god those dots on her speaker are killing me

                        • avatar RajiRa 1

                          your study videos are awesome……

                          • avatar Nessie Hanon 1

                            I've been following you on tumblr since 2010/11 and I still love your blog! I just found your YouTube channel. It's so cute!

                            • avatar Rawan 0

                              please! make a video about *How to study in the test night!!

                              • avatar Jane Jabre 1

                                This was really helpful! I actually have two huge tests coming up! Thanks!

                                • avatar zoelmao 0

                                  thank you so much rachel!

                                  • avatar Tatiana Eng 0

                                    this video was so helpful! i especially loved the part where you said to make a study guide with everything, then cut it in half, then shorten it even more! definitely gonna keep that in mind when finals time rolls around in a few weeks!

                                    also! how long before a test do you start making study guides and reviewing them?