Straight A Student Study Guide (Planning, Organization, Studying Tips & More!) ♡Chenling Shi VLOG♡

Straight A Student Study Guide (Planning, Organization, Studying Tips & More!) ♡Chenling Shi VLOG♡

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    • avatar Stephy Kinss 0

      2 minutes in and she's making my heart race faster lol but I am committed to hear her out.

      • avatar Dini Nasution 0

        I really inspired by you. Thank you for sharing this. Gbu :)

        • avatar K. T. 1

          "whoa.. it's the 18th already?!"
          That's me!
          Like if you are like me or her

          • avatar Rainer Storn 0

            Seems you are very well organized and orderly. That's the way to do it! You probably don't need any advice, but maybe there is still something for you in the book "How to Become an A-Student in Science and Engineering" (available on Amazon). Especially in the second half of the book where tips on theses and professional life are given. Maybe there is something interesting for you too.

            • avatar Marlen Peña 0

              Everytime i need a study motivation i watch this video.
              You are such an inspiration!! Thank you <3

              • avatar Luo Serena 0

                great video

                • avatar Jessicat ishere 0

                  14:2414:27 HAHHAHAHA IM DEAD

                  • avatar naftaly doth 1

                    Loved this video!!👏🏽👏🏽👌🏽👌🏽 So motivating!! I'm in my last year of high school and just finished my last tests….it didn't go that well which I was very bummed about. But! I still have my final exams in a month. This video really motivated me to keep going. It's not over yet!! Thank you for you tips and motivation!! Loved it!!!

                    • avatar Brian1025 0

                      i have straight As also but i'm the type that procrastinates until the last day for essays and tests but still ace it xD. do you think this habit will harm me later?

                      • avatar Andrea Gomez Lara 1

                        or just cheat…

                        • avatar Giraffe BigHeart 0


                          • avatar NaturallyTayLore 1

                            Amazingly helpful thank you so much!!

                            • avatar Coder Kitty 1

                              this is just the first 3 minutes of the video and you're talking like this, no offense but you're kinda like my math teacher. Heres how you say those fast sentences, I waddbnakakqisfbahajiquehshj. Sorry, didn't quite catch up what you said