Starting Your Facebook Business Page From Scratch – “Hands on Help” – Business Beyond

Starting Your Facebook Business Page From Scratch - "Hands on Help" - Business Beyond
Social media is a level playing field, it costs you nothing to get started so big and small businesses can get the same exposure.  In this workshop you will learn how to: Starting at your personal page, create your business page from scratch Brand your page with a cover and profile photo What to include in the company outline and navigation tabs Finding your audience and how to connect from your business not your personal page Ideas for posts and how to save time by scheduling How to attach photos, videos and hyperlinks An overview of the admin and settings functions Pre-requisite:  Must already have a Facebook personal page Essential you bring along your laptop and mouse (tablets and mobile phones are not acceptable, the features/functions are not consistent for group training) Load to your computer your logo and 12+ photos that depict your business, products, services, people, topics Innovative Learning - Book quickly as numbers are strictly limited! Online Business Diagnostic : 30 minutes online diagnostic with immediate confidential report. Small Group Learning : Learn immediately actionable business management know-how. One-to-one Business Coaching : Confidential one hour one-to-one coaching. Expert Guidance From :  Sherryn McBride Sherryn McBride partners with entrepreneurial businesses looking to get more noticed, remembered and referred to through their marketing and customer service activities. A freelance marketing consultant, copywriter and industry trainer, Sherryn's knowledge is drawn from 28 years experience managing state branches for national/multinational corporations and consultancies, in areas from market research, mining equipment and electrical consumer goods, to philanthropic marketing, arts administration and community partnership brokering. Named one of 20 entrepreneurial women in the AIM's Management Today Magazine, she was featured in the West Australian Business News, is a published "Success Story" on the SBDC's website, and was included in the West Australian Newspaper's SME Pathways Magazine.

at Business Foundations Rockingham
33 Crompton Road
Perth, Australia

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