SSAT Three-Day Non-Specialist Computing Programme

SSAT Three-Day Non-Specialist Computing Programme
This programme is aimed at those new to the profession or established and experienced teachers in subjects other than computing or ICT, who are teaching computing now or will be in the next academic year. This professional development programme will focus on teachers’ subject and pedagogy knowledge to enable them to teach with confidence, produce inspiring and engaging learning activities and make accurate assessment of pupil progress. Over the three days, teachers will cover all of the essential strands of computing teaching including computational thinking, programming and problem solving. The programme outlines the necessity to focus not just on the aspects of coding but on the pedagogy behind it and robust progress assessment.  A core part of the course will cover the Ofsted framework and the latest changes to the whole curriculum and its constituent parts; Computer Science Information Technology Digital literacy Technology Enhanced Learning  Content Requirements of the national curriculum and Ofsted in Computing, with particular reference to KS3 and KS4 Key areas of difficulties and barriers to learning Computing-specific pedagogy – computational thinking and assessment of progress in logical reasoning Teaching and learning strategies –preparing learners for assessment Strategies to ensure teaching engages learners in active and participatory learning experiences When: Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd June 2017 Cost: £550 per delegate EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT AVAILABLE! Book your place by 31st January and places will cost £500 per delegate.

at Harris Academy
112 Peckham Road
Peckham, United Kingdom

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