Some Tips Before Going To a Trade School (Vocational School)


Some Tips Before Going To a Trade School (Vocational School)

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  1. no no no no

    bro, you never been to trade school. Why you talkin out the side o your neck?

  2. Brandon Brandon

    I have a serious question. How friendly is trade schools towards deaf and hard of hearing people? or more in depth are there people with disabilities working in trade? I currently attend RIT and I'm seriously reconsidering and go to trade school. any info is great. By the way I can talk and hear but I have a hearing reduction.

  3. Grace T Grace T

    What documents do you need to bring to a trade school to enroll?

  4. marilyn rogers marilyn rogers

    i am a mother 29 and dont have a eduation. i have a background with two misdemenor. i need help. I live in san jose ca what should i do. please give me an email

  5. tim sim tim sim

    love this video. I am an electrician in Alberta Canada and earn $120, 000 + annually as a journeyman

  6. ChromZGaMing ChromZGaMing

    Very useful video ma, really appreciate the tips.

  7. Clorox Bleach Clorox Bleach

    What about 9th grade trade school any tips?

  8. Miguel Cruz Miguel Cruz

    ty for the vid. helpful n informative

  9. Jordan King Jordan King

    I want to go to work on cars

  10. Willy Bobbinson Willy Bobbinson

    Do you think I should go to a trade school to get training in computer science or do you think a college would be better for that?

  11. Fuck6758 Fuck6758

    Nice video Man very informative and helpful!

  12. Rossoneri King Rossoneri King

    I was thinking of going to a vacational school to become a X-Ray Technician, but did a little bit of research and found out that students in that field find an extremely difficult time getting hired after they graduate. Due to this I'm feeling discourage to even go to any type of school.

  13. Jean-Eider Pierre-Louis Jean-Eider Pierre-Louis

    I live in MA and I'm going to a career school and got a job in the discipline I'm learning. If y'all got questions I'm all ears and eyes.

  14. Aaron Ward Aaron Ward

    How about something like an apprenticeship for a union where they pay you to learn a trade?

  15. philip khiev philip khiev

    great video man. I'll definitely follow your advice when I'm looking for a trade school. keep up the good work


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