Six Advantages of Online Learning

Six Advantages of Online Learning

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    • avatar vasilb84 1

      He is definitely one of the people from the industry who knows what he is doing along with Sal Khan. Those are amazing people changing the way we engage in education and the way we learn consistently. At the same time learning distribution systems take care of the pace we learn and sharpen our skills while we are at work. So great possibilities are opening ahead of us and the best part is that they are free.

      • avatar Man Up Academy 0

        Within the proper framework, online education is a GREAT compliment to traditional learning.

        • avatar thisisb-rob 1

          I talk about the benefits of going to school online on my channel. Both from the standpoint of being a student and hiring employees that went or go to school online.

          • avatar bub 0

            Self-regulation is critical to online learning. Students don't watch lecture videos and keep up with the reading assignment. Universities art updating their software and finding new approaches. This is a great video and their approach is unique.