Shipping Reference Numbers and Their Use

When you use a courier service to ship a package, you should always receive a receipt or ticket that lists a reference number. You should receive one of these reference numbers no matter what; there’s no difference in using the courier service to send a one-page document and using the service to send a large number of boxes or a huge package. All transactions should contain a shipping reference number for the order. This is not just a Chicago courier service requirement but a requirement for all courier services across the country. There are many different reasons why you want this shipping reference number, and there are several things you can do with it. First, it acts as a receipt, showing that you have a package being transported by the company. Second, it can be used by the courier company to pull up the file on the package. This file shows everything from when you delivered the package to the company to which courier was in charge of it. If you lose the reference number, it can be much more difficult to find your package or information about it, especially if you have never used the courier service before.

Rather than store information about the package under your name, the destination, or any other information, the courier company uses the shipping reference number. This number becomes the main piece of information that all other information about the package is tied to. It’s unique to your package, so there’s no fear of your information being attached to some other reference number or delivery. Of course, if you lose this number, you will have difficulty gaining information about your package. In fact, you may not even be able to prove that you paid for your package to be delivered! It’s especially important to hold on to your reference number if you don’t have an established account with the courier company since they may have no way of pulling up information about your delivery.

The reference number associated with your package is also the only way you can track your package online. This is especially important if your package is being delivered across the country since once it leaves the hands of the Chicago courier, you may have no way of contacting the courier service handling it. However, if you have the reference number, you can go online and see exactly where it is. Thanks to GPS tracking systems, you might even be able to get real time delivery updates.

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